The frame drum classes with Borys are always a lot of fun. He knows how to keep the lessons diversified, he is patient, motivating and inspiring. Highly recommended!

-Lucia Kern

Borys is a great teacher! He finds a good balance between theory and pratice and uses a wide range of different exercises to keep the motivation high. Even in group lessons he takes enough time for individual support. I definetely recommend his workhops.
-Basti Olschewski

Had a very good intensive frame drum course with Borys! He’s a skilled teacher and gives you good reflection. You will develop according to your level and wishes.
-Cecilia Em├ęs

Borys is a very skilled teacher, who can move seamlessly in one lesson between a purely technical approach to rhythm analysis and playing the instrument on one side, and a more intuitive playful approach on the other, so he always manage to find the leverage point for the learning process to happen. Highly recommended also for individual lessons!

-Alessio Castellacci

Great frame drum player and pedagogical teacher!
Also very kind and cheerful – great for the beginner not to find the new concepts and techniques dreadfully challenging but instead to be met with playfulness and joy.
-Jack Grewe

Borys Slowikowski is a fantastic teacher. To learn with him is a gratifying experience driven through curiosity; exploring rhythm and the elasticity of time-travel. The emphasis is on strengthening listening and assimilation while we play together.

-Mor Demer

Borys has guided my love of the drum in a great way. As a student, I feel comfortable and at ease with Borys because he is an accepting, patient, mature musician and teacher. He supports, does not criticize, but rather proposes solutions in a gentle way. Can inspire enthusiasm for practice, listening and exploration. I took part in several courses and watched how Borys surrounds each participant with his attention and how interesting program he can prepare. During the courses, we also take care of the body – its relaxation and proper posture. Borys’s experience in working with body awareness is invaluable here. I am grateful for the acquaintance with Borys because he is not only a very good teacher but also an interesting and passionate person.
-Magdalena Nowaczyk

Great teacher with easy to understand way of showing the magic of drums even for total newbie like me, thank you.
-Danka Unsu