Berlin Frame Drum School



spring courses

Join the frame drum community, develop your musicality and indulge in the rhythmic flow! This spring I’m offering a weekly drum circle, intensive weekend course as well as retreat in a nature reserve! Write an email to borys.drums@gmail.com to sign up.

Drums are provided for the first meetings of both courses (starting on 25.03 & 29.03) and for the whole retreat. I offer high quality instruments for purchase and for rent.

Frame Drum Essentials Course

Dates: 25/26.03, 15/16.04 & 13.05

Methods – not exercises! In this 20-hour course you will learn most important techniques of modern frame drumming and get tools to improve on your own. The lessons will be recorded and available to participants.


Weekly frame drum classes for beginners

Every wednesday | Start: 29.03 / 19:00-20:30

Weekly meetings to study the frame drum – an ancient instrument in its modern approach. We will work start off with the very basics and gradually progress – deepening the relationship with the rhythm, developing confidence and ability to play with others, opening minds and bodies to the freedom of improvisation. Previous musical experience doesn’t matter – only passion for drums and time to practice!

Drums & yoga tetreat

Retreat in Wlewo, Poland (near the Baltic sea) / 28.04-01.05.2023 

In the middle of the wilderness, in the beautiful village of Wlewo near the Baltic, we will study frame drums and indulge in a musical flow, get energized with morning yoga sessions, and relax with evening concerts of Tibetan bowls and gongs.

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upcoming courses


Retreat: Frame drums & yoga | 28.04-01.05.2023

Frame drum retreat for beginners in Wlewo (Poland)

Weekly classes for beginners 2023

A new frame drum course is starting on 29.03 in Berlin!

Frame drum discovery workshop | 17.03

Introduction to modern frame drums

Frame drum essentials course | Spring 2023

Over three weekends I will teach the essentials of modern lap-style frame drum & rhythmics.

regular group classes

  • A new beginners' group:
    Wednesdays 19:00-20:30 / first meeting:  29.03.2023 / Exerzierstr. 10, 13357 Berlin. More info here
  • In-person: Intermediate group in Berlin Neukölln

When: every Tuesday / 19:30-21:00

Where: Mahlower Straße 7, Neukölln, 12049 Berlin

  • Online intermediate level group

Every Thursday, 18:00-19:00 Berlin Time


individual lessons: live & on-line

I give individual lessons for students of every level - both in-person and on-line. The lessons are adjusted to the needs of student - whether it's professional goals, hobby, meditative practice, self-development or boosting rhythmic skills. There is no such thing as 'lack of the sense of the rhythm' or 'lack of musicality'. Everyone has capabilities to practice music in their daily life.

I teach contemporary techniques for lap-style frame drum (known also as mazhar / mizhar / bendir), upper-style frame drum (in some places known as tar, bendir, tof, daf), riq (also written riqq)

pricing for individual lessons

  • 1-hour lesson: €50
  • 4 hours in a month: €160

studying together with friends

You can sign up for a lessons together with your friends. The price for a meeting will depend on the amount of people. Contact me for the details!

online lessons

I teach through Zoom. Each lesson is fully recorded and available to the student along with various materials, sheets, and exercises tailored to the level.