Two separate modules will be dedicated to advanced techniques of the lap-style and the upper-style frame drum. The techniques like rolls and split-hand allow for the fast and ergonomic play, enrich the sound, open way for the development of new compositional ideas.


The practice will start from our main instrument – the body. We will take care of the effective posture, look for the right balance between relaxation and tension, explore movement qualities necessary for the techniques to work fluently and effortless.

We will make use of the new skills in the context of a rhythmic composition to see how they can be used and developed.

We are going to study the techniques of frame-drumming according to the approach of the innovative percussionist and composer Zohar Fresco. Both classes are recommended to intermediate and advanced students.

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I. LAP-STYLE | 11:00-13:30 (2,5 h)

– Rolls and split-hand – ergonomic techniques for the fast sequences of strokes
– Colours – exploring different kinds of sounds to enrich the melody of the drum
– Rhytmic composition – making use of the techniques in the context of elaborated rhythmic structures
– Warm-up exercises – methods to increase the sensitivity and flexibility in hands and responsiveness in the body

II. UPPER STYLE 14:15-16:45 (2,5 h)

– traditional rhythmic patterns from Greece, Turkey and the Middle East
– collective improvisation
– rhythmic vocalization system based on Konnakol
– Bodies in Pulse/Pulse in Bodies – a method to embody the rhythm and pulse through movement and voice; the practice of mindfulness in movement
– polyrhythms: the practice of simple compositional ideas for group playing

This module is a proposition for everyone interested in increasing their rhythmic skills. If you play a melodic instrument you are welcome to bring it and use it in the workshop. If you don’t play any instruments, you are welcome to use clapping/tapping and/or voice.


Willows Nest, Boxhagener Str 61 (5 min from Ostkreuz)

SUNDAY 15.09 | 11:00-13:30 (module 1st) | 14:15-16:45 (module 2nd)

EARLY BIRD (till 10.09): €30 (a single module) / €50 (both modules)
AFTER 10.09: €40 (a single module) / €70 (both modules)

DISCOUNTS for students, artists and unwaged ♥

borys.drums@gmail.com or private message

* To book a spot transfer the full price to the account given in the response. The spot is non-refundable, but you can pass it to a friend :)


The workshop is led by Borys Slowikowski: musician, educator, performer and psychologist. He has studied frame drums from Zohar Fresco since 2010. Studied also from i.a. Bijan Chemirani, Jacek Ostaszewski, Sabina Giannatou, Efren Lopez. Plays mainly traditional music from Greece, Turkey, Poland as well as free improvisation. He is involved in movement improvisation and performance field as well as in varied forms of somatic work. He develops his own method of teaching drums and rhythmics based on somatic practice.




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