To sign up send an e-mail to borys.drums@gmail.com
Intermediate frame drums / Świdwowiec, Poland (2h from Berlin) / 14-16.10


This workshop is for those, who’ve learned at least the very basics of modern frame drumming (upper style, lap style or riqq). We will practice group playing, making first (and further) steps in improvisation, study a rhythmic composition to apply different advanced techniques and ideas to music, practice limb independence & jam together as much as we want. :) All in a systematic approach that will develop both your rhythmic perception and your playing skills and provide you with exercises to work with on your own.

Finally, we’ll put our frame drums in their natural environment: of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern music. We’ll practice accompanying melodies with a Greek violinist Penelope Gkika /https://penelopegkika.com/ /

Total cost of 180 euros, includes:

  • 10h of  drum workshops
    3h of morning ashtanga joga (no need for prior experience)

  • evening relaxation sessions with bowls and gongs

  • accommodation, vegan food

Start: Friday 14.10 at 18:00 / Finish: Sunday 16.10 at 14:00

Sign up: borys.drums@gmail.com

Let know if you’re interested! Spots are super limited!