This group is starting on 25th of March – few spots still available before we take off on a musical journey!

– high quality instruments available for rent (15 euro for the whole course) and for sale

Sign up:


In this course over three weekends I will teach you the essentials of modern lap-style frame drum & rhythmics.

The course is for everyone interested in developing their rhythmic skills: for people playing melodic instruments, for percussionists, for those, who haven’t yet learned any instrument. A drum is a great tool to comprehensively understand the rhythm, to embody the rhythm, to start ‘speaking’ rhythmic language more fluently.

I’ll provide you with a system of exercises to develop your playing and rhythmic skills; a system of tools you can use to develop in the direction you choose. We will study basic and advanced techniques, learn how to apply them in different rhythms and solo phrases, study compositions and compose our own, work on sense of rhythm and pulse, learn exercises for timing and limb independence.

All lessons will be recorded and available for participants; each participant will be able to take their own pace in comprehending the materials and integrating them into their system. We will have 20 hours of lessons in sets of two times 8 hours + one 4-hours summary meeting, with 2-3 weeks breaks between each set to practice on your own. I offer supervision between the sessions (you can send me questions and videos with your playing for a feed-back).

Topics/areas we will focus on:
— modern ‘lap-style’ (sitting) technique for frame drum
— chosen advanced techniques (snapping & snapping rolls)
— traditional Mediterranean grooves & their variations
— improvisation
— composing own rhythms and phrases
— compositions in different time signatures
— limb independence exercises (incl. ostinato exercises)
— exercises to develop the sense of rhythm and pulse


1st set: 25-26.03.2023 | Saturday 11:00-14:00 + 15:00-17:00 | Sunday 11:00-14:00

2nd set: 15-16.04.2023 | Saturday 11:00-14:00 + 15:00-17:00 | Sunday 11:00-14:00

3rd set: 13.05.2023 | Saturday 11:00-13:00 + 13:30-15:30

⟶ Place: Exerzierstr. 10 13357 Berlin


€250 (till 24.02) / €280 (till 10.03) / €300 |
returning participants: €220 (for participants that have already taken a course with me)


I offer drums for rent for a small fee (€15) for the whole course. It’s also possible to purchase a high quality drum.

SIGN UP ⟶ borys.drums@gmail.com

To sign up send me an email & transfer the downpayment of 150 euros to the account given in response. The deposit is non-refundable; it can be used for another ‘Frame drum essentials course’ (planned for Autumn 2023).


The workshop is led by Borys Slowikowski: percussionist, educator, performer, and psychologist. He studies frame drums from Zohar Fresco since 2010 and riqq from Yshai Afterman since 2020. Currently a member of @Farmagia @Kayan Project and various other projects. Involved in movement improvisation and performance field as well as in varied forms of somatic work.


upcoming courses


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A new frame drum course is starting on 29.03 in Berlin!

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