Groups are Starting on 22.02 & 23.02



To sign up send an e-mail to borys.drums@gmail.com

From February I am opening two live frame drum groups for the beginners: one in Wedding (Tuesdays, 19:00), one in Neukolln (Wednesdays, 18:00). The classes are open to participants of any level – including those that haven’t studied any instrument before. The only prerequisite is motivation & some time to practice on your own. :) The spots are very limited to keep the optimal distance and learning comfort.

We’ll study modern techniques for frame drum, develop rhythmic skills, work on limb independence and foremost: play together! All step-by-step, in an accessible, systematic approach. We will also pay attention to the body: posture, responsiveness, relaxation, breath – as it plays a substantial role in any musical activity.

In the meetings we will focus on the following topics/areas:

  • modern ‘lap-style’ (sitting) technique for frame drum; optionally: modern ‘upper-style’ technique for frame drum
  • traditional grooves
  • improvisation
  • composing own rhythms and phrases
  • compositions in different time signatures
  • limb independence exercises
  • exercises to develop the sense of rhythm and pulse


  • Wedding group: Tuesdays 19:00-20:30 / first meeting: 22.02.2022 / Exerzierstr. 10
  • Neukolln group: Wednesdays 18:00-19:30 / first meeting: 23.02.2022 / Neckarstraße 19

COST: 25-35 euros per class (monthly commitment is required)

BOOKING: borys.drums@gmail.com / to secure the spot transfer the full amount for the first month /

COVID SAFETY: only persons who have been tested are allowed in the class (proof of a current negative test result must be provided before the start of the lesson)