This introductory course is an opportunity to learn the solid basics for playing a hand frame drum. It’s open to participants of any level, starting from the complete beginners. Together we will explore the sounds of this ancient instrument, build up an ability to play, learn different traditional grooves and develop our rhythmic creativity. We are going to study the technique of frame-drumming according to the approach of the innovative percussionist and composer Zohar Fresco.

Special focus will be dedicated to our primary instrument: the body – it’s posture, responsiveness, the role of breath in the musical creation and how it helps to increase one’s sense of rhythm. To cultivate a more intuitive feel, we will make use of different body practices. All about letting it flow!

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  • warm-up exercises to increase the sensitivity in hands and responsiveness in the body
  • step-by-step learning of the ‘lap style’ technique
  • basics of rhythmic vocalization system based on Konnakol and rhythmic compositions to stretch musical grammar
  • Bodies in Pulse/Pulse in Bodies – a body-voice method to deepen the sense of rhythm and pulse, build up an ability to improvise and practice mindfulness in movement
  • exploration of different rhythmic traditions on the frame drum
  • learning how to create your own compositions
  • history of frame drums; getting to know different kinds of traditional frame drums of Middle East, Southern Europe and North Africa
  • you don’t have to know how to read notes



The course constitutes of 7 meetings, 2 hours each:

Mondays & Thursdays:
20.05 & 23.05
27.05 & 30.05
17.06 & 20.06

Hours: 18:30-20:30

PLACE: Willows Nest, Boxhagener Str 61


INVESTMENT: €230 (early bird till 13.05) / €260 after 13.05

SIGN UP: borys.drums@gmail.com

To book a spot transfer the full price to the account given in the response. The spot is non-refundable.


The workshop is led by Borys Slowikowski: musician, educator, performer and psychologist. He has studied frame drums from Zohar Fresco since 2010. Studied also from i.a. Bijan Chemirani, Jacek Ostaszewski, Sabina Giannatou, Efren Lopez, Andrew Morrish, Iwona Olszowska. Plays music from Greece, Poland and Ubuland. Apart from music, he is involved in movement improvisation and performance field as well as in varied forms of somatic work like mindfulness, psychogenic training, BMC, martial arts. He develops his own method of teaching drums and rhythmics based on somatic practice.