To sign up send an e-mail to borys.drums@gmail.com
Frame drums for beginners / Wlewo, Poland (near the Baltic sea) / 28.04-01.05.2023 
In this workshop, we will study the basics of modern techniques of playing the lap-style frame drum, according to the approach of Zohar Fresco. We will learn traditional rhythms and indulge in musical flow by playing simple compositions. By using voice and movement methods, we will understand rhythm better, develop our inner pulse, and get introduced to rhythmic improvisation.
  • 15h of frame drum classes
  • 4,5h of yoga for all (no need for prior experience)
  • 3 evening relaxation sessions with bowls and gongs
  • accommodation, delicious vegan & vegetarian food
  • drums are provided and available for purchase after the workshop!

Start: Friday 28.04 at 18:00 

Finish: Monday 01.05 at 15:00

Investment: €300 (until 28.03) / €330 (until 10.04) / €350

To book a spot send an email to borys.drums@gmail.com and transfer a downpayment of 150 euros to the account given in response. The deposit is non-refundable but can be used for another workshop with Borys.

Place: Wlewo, Poland

We will organize transport by train or by car in case some participant(s) will have free seats. 

By car it takes around 2:40 to get here from Berlin.


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