the group is starting on 16.11.2022



To sign up send an e-mail to borys.drums@gmail.com

In November I am opening a new frame drum group for beginners. Students of any level are welcome – including those that haven’t taken up a musical instrument before. The only requirement time to practice on your own.  The spots are limited.

We’ll study modern techniques for frame drum, work with traditional grooves and their countless variations, become friends with odd time signatures, practice limb independence, learn to play together as a group, make first (and further) steps in improvisation, learn to compose our rhythms and phrases…

All accompanied with exercises and compositions to expand and develop rhythmic and playing skills. We will also pay attention to the body: posture, responsiveness, relaxation, breath – as it plays a substantial role in any musical activity.

In the meetings we will focus on the following areas:
— modern ‘lap-style’ (sitting) technique for frame drum; optionally: modern ‘upper-style’ technique for frame drum
— Rhythmic Ensemble – group playing
— traditional Mediterranean grooves & their variations
— improvisation
— composing own rhythms and phrases
— compositions in different time signatures
— limb independence exercises
— exercises to develop the sense of rhythm and pulse


  • Wednesdays 19:00-20:30 / first meeting: 16.11.2022 / Exerzierstr. 10, 13357 Berlin

COST: 25-35 euros per class (monthly commitment is required)

BOOKING: borys.drums@gmail.com / to secure the spot transfer the full amount for the first month /