Individual lessons

& group courses


one-on-one lessons

I give individual classes for students of every level. The lessons are adjusted to the needs of student – whether it’s professional goals, hobby, meditative practice, self-development or boosting rhythmic skills. There is no such thing as ‘lack of the sense of the rhythm’ or ‘lack of musicality’. Everyone has capabilities to practice music in their daily life.

I teach contemporary techniques for lap-style frame drum (known also as mazhar / mizhar / bendir), upper-style frame drum (in some places known as tar, bendir, tof, daf), riq (also written riqq).

Studying together with friends

You can sign up for a lessons together with your friends. The price for a meeting will depend on the amount of people. Contact me for the details!

Click here to learn more about my methods of teaching.

Pricing for individual lessons:

  • 1-hour lesson: €40
  • 4 hours in a month: €150
  • 6 hours in a month: €220


starting from 22nd & 23rd of February

      We are opening two new frame drum groups for beginners! We’ll study modern techniques for frame drum, develop rhythmic skills, work on limb independence and foremost: play together! All step-by-step, in an accessible, systematic approach. We will also pay attention to the body: posture, responsiveness, relaxation, breath – as it plays a substantial role in any musical activity.

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      group workshops

      Contact me if you are interested to join any of the groups!

        • Wedding group: Tuesdays 19:00-20:30 / first meeting: 22.02.2022 / Exerzierstr. 10
        • Neukolln group: Wednesdays 18:00-19:30 / first meeting: 23.02.2022 / Neckarstraße 19
      • In-person: Intermediate group in Berlin Wedding – contemporary ‘lap-style’  frame drum

      When: every Tuesday / 16:00-17:30

      Where: Exerzierstrasse 10 / Wedding

      • Online drumming circle

      More info soon. Write me a message if you are interested

      • Online intermediate level group

      Every Thursday, 18:00-19:30 Berlin Time